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Preserving the Essence: The Art of Crafting Malvani Masala at Kelve Masale

Preserving the Essence: The Art of Crafting Malvani Masala at Kelve Masale

Jan 29, 2024


Kuldeep Vartak

Welcome to the heart of Malvani culinary artistry, where tradition meets innovation. At Kelve Masale, we take pride in not just creating Malvani Masala but in the meticulous process that ensures its authenticity and unmatched flavor. Join us on a journey through our Palghar unit, where every spice is treated with care, from the ample space for sun-drying to the cold press grinding on our traditional kandap machine.

### The Difference in Approach:

#### Sun-Drying vs. Shortcuts in Mumbai:

In the bustling city of Mumbai, space is a premium commodity. Spice makers often resort to shortcuts like oil roasting without proper sun-drying, compromising the quality and shelf life of the masala. At Kelve Masale, we do things differently. Our Palghar unit boasts ample space for the traditional method of sun-drying, preserving the essence of each spice.

### The Sun-Drying Advantage:

Sun-drying is not just a process; it's an art. It allows spices to bask in the natural sunlight, enhancing their flavors without over-roasting. The slow and steady approach ensures that each spice retains its individual character, contributing to the rich tapestry of Malvani Masala. Our commitment to this method sets Kelve Masale apart.

### Cold Press Grinding on Kandap Machine:

Once sun-dried, our spices undergo the cold press grinding process on the traditional kandap machine. This age-old technique involves manual grinding without generating heat, preserving the essential oils and freshness of the spices. The result is a Malvani Masala that captures the true essence of Konkan flavors.

### The Pitfalls of Oil Roasting:

In contrast, the shortcut of oil roasting in Mumbai's confined spaces often leads to over-roasting, diminishing the vibrancy of the spices. This method can also introduce unwanted flavors and shorten the masala's shelf life. At Kelve Masale, we prioritize authenticity over shortcuts, ensuring that every spoonful of our Malvani Masala tells a story of tradition and quality.

### Customized Malvani Masala by Kelve Masale:

Experience the difference with Kelve Masale's customized Malvani Masala. Tailor the blend to your preferences, whether you prefer a bit more heat or a touch of sweetness. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a masala that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

### How to Get Your Customized Masala:

1. Visit our website [](
2. Explore our range of spices and select the customization option.
3. Choose your preferred spice levels and flavors.
4. Place your order, and we'll deliver the authentic taste of Malvani cuisine to your doorstep.

### Conclusion:

At Kelve Masale, we believe in doing things the right way, even if it takes a little longer. Our commitment to sun-drying and cold press grinding ensures that every spoonful of Malvani Masala is a testament to our dedication to tradition and quality. Choose Kelve Masale for an authentic taste that stands the test of time.

Embark on a flavorful journey with Kelve Masale – where each spice tells a story of the Konkan coast.

Happy Cooking!

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