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Kelve Masale Upwas Combo -

Embrace fasting with flavors that are both delicious and convenient with the Kelve Masale Upwas Combo. This exceptional combo is designed to simplify your fasting journey, offering a selection of essentials that include Upwas Mix Flour, Sabudana Flour, Rajgira Flour, and Varai Bhagar Flour. It's your one-stop solution for crafting quick and mouthwatering fasting essentials that are both nourishing and delightful.

Key Features:

Upwas Mix Flour: Create a variety of fasting dishes effortlessly with our Upwas Mix Flour. It's a versatile option for making favorites like Upwas Thalipeeth and more.

Sabudana Flour: Craft crispy Sabudana vadas and other Sabudana-based treats with ease using our Sabudana Flour. It ensures perfect texture and taste.

Rajgira Flour: Explore the health benefits of Rajgira Flour, a gluten-free and protein-rich option that adds nutrition to your fasting meals.

Varai Bhagar Flour: Prepare wholesome Varai Bhagar dishes, also known as Sama Rice, with our Varai Bhagar Flour. It's an excellent choice for those observing fasting rituals.

Our combo simplifies fasting by offering a range of flours that make it easy to whip up a variety of fasting-friendly dishes. From crispy vadas to wholesome thalipeeth and bhagar, our combo inspires culinary creativity, allowing you to enjoy a diverse fasting menu. Make your fasting experience delicious and convenient with the Kelve Masale Upwas Combo.

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